Talkback outside of Control Room??

Using Cubase 8.5 Pro, i have all 4 Cue Sends routed to an external Headphone amp for players in the studio. This works fine with the table top skinny boom mic that i use for Talkback. When i enable the talkback button in the Cubase Control Room panel, all playback is muted and only my voice in the talkback mic is heard in all headphones.

Here’s where it gets a little more complicated…

I recently bought the Behringer Powerplay16 P16-I and (1) P16-M mixer. I wanted to give the singer in the vocal booth the ability to control their own mix. (Someday later i may invest in a few more mixers, but for now, i just want to use my headphone amp with 1 P16-M.) Since i am already using all 4 of my Cue Sends for the other headphones, I ended up using “Sends” to feed the 16 channels on the P16-M…which works just fine! …almost. I got 15 channels working the way i want. The ONLY and LAST channel i can’t seem to figure out a solution is how to have TALKBACK in the P16-M. Everything else works great! I’m using the 2 ADAT ins on the P16-I coming from 2 of my MR816CSXs. I just enable sends for any channels i want to feed the P16-M mixer.

For some reason in my VST Connections, i can’t have the TALKBACK output sent to more than one output. When i try, it removes it from the STUDIO tab configuration (which is how i have the Cue Sends setup). If i could only have it output the Control Room AND an ADAT output, then i would be all set i think. Any suggestions??

Keep in my, i need it to respond as if it is in the Control Room…ONLY enabled when i press the Talkback button in Cubase. Because i already tried routing it as if it were an audio channel, having Talkback as the input and Adat as the output. Problem here is, A. It only works if that channel is Monitor Enabled to let the signal through. and B. I’d have NO control on muting that channel when pressing the talkback button in the Control Panel because the ADAT outputs that feed the Behringer mixer are via “SENDS” that don’t MUTE when talkback is enabled.

Thanks in advance!