Talkback pops up in routing list!

Hi there,

it seems I’ve encountered a serious bug and I hope it’s just my settings that are not correct.
I’m in Win 10 and Nuendo 8.3.10 updated to .15

When I create a new track its standard input is the talkback. When I see in the Mixer the standard inputs, the talkback shows up as first in the list.
I don’t know why, but it seems the talkback hasn’t an exclusive channel.

Attached some screenshots.
Any Help?

Input Mixer.png
Input connections.png

AFAIK, this is correct.
Actually, I regulary use this to record comments or a dummy voice-Track into a project.


Really? I cant remember this on N7.
BTW is there any option to make the talkback input exclusive?
Or at least so that it’s not the preferred input? Apparenltly is the first one on the list. Anytime I create a mono track the talkback input is selected.

I think it’s a good thing. I use a nice small Neumann and it works as a mic to record quick foley effects as well. I don’t see why this would cause any trouble.

Suppose you have clients in your studio and you have to create a new track.
If as standard input the talkback is selected and the dim is not properly set you can generate a feedback as soon as you press the monitoring or the record button.

Honestly, the issue here is not if you have the talckback or not in the input list.
My issue is that I can’t make the talkback “exclusive” as you can do with the monitors under prefs / vst / control room.
Or, as alternative, that I could choose a different input as standard.

Ok I solved this differently.
As it’s not possible to set the talkback as exclusive I tried to set as default a mono input.

It seems that if you have a stereo input selected as default and you create a mono track, Nuendo chooses one of the mono inputs available (talckback included) instead of “no input”.
If you have a mono input as default and you create a stereo track, Nuendo uses the default Mono input.