Talkback with UR 824

Hi, up until now I’ve used the UR 824 strictly as A/D and monitor and then connected it to RME via ADAT as I/O for Nuendo.

It has worked flawlessly but now I’m trying to skip the RME which so far seems like a lot more work and complications to get going. :frowning:

For example, it seems Nuendo takes control over and overrides all the settings in UR824, like I have analog input 8 for the TB mic, this was routed directly to mix 1/2 and phones, so the artist would get master mix from Nuendo combined with TB in his headphones. No problem. But now I cannot make the input 8 go straight to mix and phones if Nuendo is running. Why is this?

I’ve tried setting up a control room, which is really pointless cause in this room it’s 1 in 2 out all the time, but I cannot make the TB function work there either. I can get a TB signal in but there is no way to route it to the phones channel.

Any solutions?

Have you installed the latest Tools for UR? Also, what ASIO driver are you using in Nuendo? It can only use one I/O unit at a time.

Yes, I’m using the Yamaha driver.

Guess it’s back to the RME then… a bit weird that using dedicated Steinberg hardware should limit my options compared to other solutions.