Talking to a MODX

Hi guys

I’m trying to get this setup working.

I want to connect my MODX to VST Live on my laptop using MIDI via USB.

However, I also want to send some MIDI information from the MODX to my harmoniser using a classic MIDI 5pin DIN cable.

According to the manual and other sites, this can be done by accepting MIDI data through the USB cable on Port 1 to VST Live and then sending that data back through the USB cable to the MODX using Port 3. The MODX then sends that on through the 5-pin Din socket MIDI out.

I can’t get it working! Can anyone help?

You possibly you run into a bug in VST Live when using ports of a MIDI device other than the first port. Update is coming very soon and fixes that. Pls. try again then. Basically, I guess your setup should work that way, sorry for the inconvenience!

Ah, thank you for letting me know. Looking forward to the update.