Tam playback problems after edit

The piece I’m working on now has 3 percussion instruments that roll: sus. cym, tam, and bass drum. In play mode I went to Edit Percussion Kit then edit Playing Techniques and added rolls to these three instruments. The sus. cym. and bs. dr. work perfectly, but the tam no longer plays back with any sound at all, even though when I click on it the legend Tam:roll appears. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Can you please attach the project, or just export the layout with the percussion player in it and attach that, so that we can look at the actual file? It’s almost impossible to diagnose these problems without seeing the project.

I extracted the flow but don’t seem to be able to attach it. It’s about 3mb.

Richard, set your Playback Template to Silence, save, close, and you should be able to post it.

Actually, better than setting it to ‘Silence’, just reselect whichever playback template you’re already using, presumably ‘HSSE+HSO (Pro)’ and click OK. That will still reduce the file size because it’ll remove any sounds that are no longer required.

Had a pleasant surprise this morning in that the tam is working again after reopening the project, but thanks for the help.