Tap tempo buttom causes audio that is playing to jump

I am not sure exactly what’s happening even though I’ve been trying to establish conditions, but will attempt to describe this accurately.
I have an audio track on 1 and want to tap tempo in while it’s playing. However, when I do so, behind the tap tempo popup, the track appears to changing in zoom level, which fine, but the audio keeps retriggering so it’s impossible to get a tempo from it.
The same applies, but more incrementally, if I use the + or - buttons. I guess that cubasis is trying to fit the track, as it’s changing the visible length of the waveform versus bars as I change the tempo (higher tempos show a longer waveform), but this kinda defeats the object of tap tempo as I can’t match my audio track to start adding midi.
Apologies if this is a setting - I’m a very rusty cubase user!
And many thanks for any help, in advance


It is suggested to use both functions in stop mode.