Tap tempo button in the Toolbar

I’m just tired of

menu > project > beat calculator > tap tempo … knock knock knock knock > At tempo track start > close > open transport bar > unlock Tempo > doubleclick BPM box > type number > hit enter — :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

And yeah I know about the Key Command but for the Beat Calculator … I don’t want facts, I want sympathy! :smiling_imp:

I’d like a Tap tempo button in the Toolbar
Tap > Done!

Like tap and it will automatically in real time update the BPM of the project.
Then add
CTRL+Tap = round of the decimals
Shift+Tap = add new tempo at Cursor Position
CTRL+Shift+Tap = both
Alt+Tap = open the dialog
All in one button in the top Toolbar! :sunglasses:
Just a square button, please … not some oversized and too wide thing!

I’m re-recording sketches from my ZOOM H4n recorder into proper Cubase project and need to set a lot of BPMs right now …

Thanks in advance …

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