Tap tempo freezes VST live

In my experience after assigning a keyboard key to the tap tempo action, I created a tempo track and hit play. If I try now to tap a new tempo, VSTlive freezes.
It also freezes when you i.e. type letters on the tempo display on the main window (random though) … looks like a bug

Tap tempo function is quite hidden in the actions screen. I’d suggest to have a menu/link next to the tempo display in the main window, showing the function is activated.

… we’ll analyse it. Thank you!


… it’s fixed now. Next update, @Pieffe.

Please watch out. Only the first tempo event at seconds=0 in the Tempo Track will be updated. You cannot use this feature to add entries while the Tempo Track is running.


Also with midi files?

… I do not understand?

Oh maybe I see it wrong but I thought there was a difference between audio tracks and midi tracks as far as tempo adjustments concerns. In general tempo adjustments in midi are straight forward while in audio warping can become an issue.

I see. I wish I could tap tempo at least at the beginning of each part (in song stop if not possible in song play) so I could adjust in a live emergency > Right now it freezes in song stop all over.

Will be possible with the upcoming update.
Edit: not for each Part, but for the Song. Parts individually (more precisely: current position) involves the tempo track, we have to check, maybe.