Tap tempo from Roland SPD-SX (sends note on only)


I’m trying to get the tempo adjusted on the fly during a song (tap) by the drummer, using a Roland SPD-SX sampler-drumpad.
The SPD-SX can only send note on messages (no CC :frowning: ).
I was thinking of getting a hardware midi converter from midi solution to convert the note on to a CC, but there has to be a way that VSTL could do that, right ? Can’t seem to find the way to do it though …

Also I looked in the manual available online (1.2) and tap tempo is only mentioned once p. 197 :

You can synchronize events for the mobile application at three levels of automation:
You use VST Live’s tap-tempo functionality to drive VST Live’s Transport. The execution of events
themselves is automatic, based on the scheduling of the corresponding Events on VST Live Tracks.”

how do we activate the tap-tempo functionality and what is the CC to send (64, value 64-127 ?)

… you would define it in “Actions and Shortcuts…”

But please not that Tap Tempo is not working while Transport is running. So the idea that your drummer is controlling the tempo while Transport is running is not working.