Tap tempo - needs option NOT to change tempo

Have used this feature for years when trying to figure out tempos from demos etc. I thought it a brilliant idea to have it beside the tempo on the transport BUT it needs to be optional that it changes the tempo when you are tapping. It is actually a little dangerous to have it there as an accidental click on it can throw the project into disarray if the tempo gets unintentionally clicked


I agree wholeheartedly! For now it looks like I’ll have to an external metronome/tap tempo device.


This topic is quite hot on the Cubase forum.

Some changes are coming in the 1st maintenance update.


The previous version of bpm calculator was very easy to use. I don’t understand why this update disappeared. What we want is higher efficiency, not deleting important functions.

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The topic about beat calculator beining gone and the strange implementation of tap tempo on Cubase forum was closed and the thread status has been changed to “solved” today. This probably means that in the next update the beat calculator will be resurrected and tap tempo function will be adjusted to the user needs. @Martin.Jirsak is that correct? (if you are allowed to provide the information on this topic)


Some changes in this area are coming in the 1st maintenance update.


Why the opaqueness? there are hundreds of people here in various threads asking for clarity about this issue.