tap tempo

As a new user, I would like to know if Cubase 9.5 has the ability to set the metronome by tapping a measure’s worth of time?
I find it is much more efficient when composing to set the metronome this way rather than guess a few times and lose the idea.
Jack, the Quiet Bear.

Yrs, it has. Might depend on the Cubase version though.

My Version is the latest 9.5. How might I find out how to use the “Tap Time” feature?

Another funny chap…
Pro? Artist? Elements? AI? LE?

Manual I guess…

If it will do i,t I really would like to know how to use a tap time feature. Cubase pro 9.5
Jack the Quiet Bear

Well, you tap 4 times and then select from where to apply. Nothing fancy about it.