tape machine loop effect

does anybody know how to recreate tape machine loop effect which allows to set a few bars loop and then record a new audio on each cycle adding it to previously recorded material? Of cause it would be great to use magneto vst to add some tape distortion and saturation. I’m using Cubase for years, but still never met with such a problem - how to feedback output channel to input when recording to mix track output with input signal. Maybe you can offer another efx chain to get the same result?

It depends if you wanna get this effect LIVE while recording or after recording. If this is after recording thats easy to copy that track and delay it . Ex you play 4 bars. Then you copy it and delay it 2 bars after your original one (pan it to the left side lower the volume and then copy it again delay it 4 bars and delay to the right etc… That kind of thing. But if you wanna improvise like Robert Fripp live thats another ball game totally. Then you could simply start by putting a long delay (very long ) and get used to play with it. It takes practice good luck

thank you for reply, of cause i’m interesting in live loop recording, like robert fripp :slight_smile: the problem is how to mix input with previous recording sessions. i wonder why steinberg did not create such a often used efx as a special plugin. my attempt to recreate it with cubase options failed

It’s easier to get one of theese
But I agree, it is strange that such a popular thing is overlooked.
All there is to it really is to have a Audio track that is recording and when it loops it punches out and starts recording on the next Audio track. Preferably this recording mode happens in a Folder, and isolated from the rest of the tracks.