Tape Stop Effect

I’m coming to Cubase from Pro Tools. PT has a built-in audio plugin called Vari-Fi to create tape stop effects. You can either slow down or speed up. Logic Oro X also has a built-in feature that allows you to create fade in/out but do it as a tape stop. I’m wondering if Cubase has anything built-in? If not, what are some tape stop plugins people are using that do both slow down and speed up?

I use the free 64 bit version of iZotope Vinyl. It works good for tape stop. Making a tape spin up effect is possible but there is a procedure using Cubase’s “reverse audio” a few times to “build” that effect.

I detail the “Spin up” procedure here:

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I also have the iZotope Vinyl plugin. The only thing I don’t like about it is i can’t configure the stop (1 beat, 2 beats, etc). Because of that I don’t really use it. I might have to look at it again.

There is a time envelope option in the audio processing section. You can also use loopmash.

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I sometimes use the pitch envelope feature (audio processing), which can be similar and sometimes works pretty well. Haven’t tried Loopmash for that, but these days I usually use Abbey Road Vinyl from Waves, where you can time the tape stop exactly how you want it, and it sounds great.

I have to agree, that it really is not adjustable.

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I’m familiar with this plugin. I always thought it had slow down but not speed up. Is that correct?

Yes, unfortunately you’re right. My bad, I didn’t realize you meant both.

Yeah both PT and Logic have built-in ability to do slow down and speed up. If Cubase doesn’t have this built-in then I am hoping to find a plugin that has both. I can definitely use a slow down, bounce to audio and reverse to create a speed up but I’m really hoping to not have to do that when I could do it previously with just the click of a button.

I used to use a plugin called Tape Stop (hey, what a suprise!), from Tbt, https://www.kvraudio.com/product/tapestop_by_tbt. But it’s only 32 bit, so not so useful now. Also I always had trouble automating it, so I used to render the effect asap.

Haven’t found another one yet which has the same features :frowning: