Tape stop on output bus

Hi folks,

I know that it’s possible to apply a pitch envelope process to a section of audio in Cubase 7 and create a tape stop, but I’m trying to automate a pitch envelope on the output bus so that I have a tape stop on the entire project. How would I do this?


Can anybody help me?

try loopmash fx

Yeh but I want the entire project to tape stop at a certain point.

Mix down your project to a file and import that into a new project, then use the pitch envelope technique.

There are some free vst plugins for that effect out there: google tape stop vst

loopmash fx should work too but i think only quantized…

I know there are plugins and I thought about mixing it down, but if I wanted to edit stuff on the fly… without plugins. Maybe I just need a plugin.


BTW do you guys encounter a lot of bugs in Cubase? Maybe it’s just me but whenever I use the Retrologue synth that comes with Cubase I always seem to be facing some new bug. Like I just loaded that synth on three separate tracks and suddenly they stopped making sound and when I went into the vst dialog with all the knobs on the synths, the knobs would intermittently move to strange positions. No automation. I also went into the midi editor and clicked on the notes to try to trigger the synth but they didn’t make a sound like they usually do. This happened twice to me on the same session, and once a restart of Cubase fixed the problem, and the second time a restart wouldn’t work and I had to reload the synth.

Oh and also, again with retrologue, when entering notes into the key editor, and then trying to move them up and down, the note will move up and down but the pitch preview won’t change, unless (while keeping hold of the note) you move the note back up to the position you dragged it from and past that position, then the pitch will begin to change.

Man these bugs are hard to deal with!!!

I feel like Cubase is unreliable.

using the plugin tape stop will work … however if you dont want this third party stuff … i have a good work around for you and its so so simple …

ok … you want to tape stop the whole song at the same time ??? , the stero bus may not give you that option ( it will if you use automation)… however try this .
set up a group track in stereo and call it what you want … lets say just for now “pre- 2buss” rout all your tracks to this if you use subs b4 hitting the stereo bus then rout from there … but rout all outputs … inc fx to this bus leave it at 0db inset your envelope or loop-mash fx to the insert… bingo …oh and the output is naturally main out …
this will work and will give you a whole lot of options … i like to use this method a limiter (brickwall )… kind of like a buffer b4 i hit my stereo bus … whilst tracking …no latency . no colourisation just a clean way of not getting any overloads… and much much more .
have fun

The only problem is I can’t find any envelope plugins that are inserts. I can only find offline processing options.