Taped Vibes issue

Just installed Taped Vibes using the Steinberg Download Assistant (no download Access Code supplied). When I try to run it in Halion 7.0.20 it is not possible to select any sound because all of the patches have a red ‘No Entry’ icon next to them. See attached pic.

What am I doing wrong?

Did you activate the license in the Activation Manager? No download access code needed.

I’ve had a look at the Activation Manager but’ Taped Vibes’ is not there and there seems to be no way to add it, plus it does not come with an activation code.

Did you use the same enail as your MySteinberg account? I didn’t get any activation or download access code but Taped Vibes showed up in the Activation Manager and I had to activate it.

Yes - the same email address as I always use. I’ve re-installed Taped Vibes but it still does not work.

I’ve given up - I always have trouble with these Steinberg updates. Completely unintuitive, complicated and a big waste of time. These things should be really easy to download and install, like most of the software I use from other companies, particularly a simple, non-essential freebee like this.

Thanks for your replies though.

I’ve just updated to Halion 7.1 and Halion Sonic 7.1 and downloaded and installed both.

Taped-Vibes is still not functioning!
I’ve checked Activation Manager but there is no reference to it there.
In both standalone versions Taped Vibes is listed but all of the sounds have a red stop sign next to them.

Navia Harp free version is not working either.

what is happening here?

The license is automatically added to your account when you click the Download button. You can then download the library from the Steinberg Download Assistant and start using it right away.

It sounds like you might be signing-in to the wrong account. Please run the Steinberg Activation Manager to check which email is being used. You can also see which licenses are registered to your account here:

Please also make sure that the Steinberg Activation Manager is updated to the latest version:
Steinberg Activation Manager | Steinberg

I’ve checked everything.
Yesterday I installed H-7.1, HS-7.1 and X-Stream successfully, all using the correct email address.

Today I re-downloaded Taped Vibes and and Navia Harp using the same email address as I always use. They are both present in Steinberg Library Manager and the samples are where I would expect them to be.

Still, when attempting to use them in H-7.1 or HS-7.1 all the patches have the red stop sign next to them.

After download neither of them show up in the Activation Manager.

SAM version:

I’m at a loss as to what to do. Give up I suppose.

Have you clicked the Download buttons in this page?

It’s at this step that the licenses are added to your account.

First of all, many thanks for your help and time.

I’ve followed your instructions and now Taped Vibes is working.
Unfortunately Navia Harp is not working - I now have two versions showing up in HS7 and H7.

See attached pix.

The method of installing these two free plugins and the X-Stream plugin all appear to be different, which is very confusing.
Many thanks,


There are two versions of Navia Harp:

  • The free version , which only includes a basic harp sound.
  • The full version, which features a much deeper sampled harp, including more velocity layers, round-robin samples, and several experimental playing techniques.

If you didn’t purchase the full paid version, I recommend uninstalling it using the Steinberg Library Manager.

OK, will do.

Many thanks.