Tascam 2400


I wanted to check - is anyone using a Tascam US-2400 with Cubase 8 Pro, I’m running Windows 8. I’ve found one at a good price second hand, but want to make sure it will work.

There are a through threads on here where people seem to have it working on a similar set up, but I’ve found discussions elsewhere where people seem to have a problem.

Any feedback from anyone?

If not - I was struggling to find an alternative with a good number of faders at a good price - I cant afford Mackie Universal, the other option I looked at was linking a couple of Behringer BCF200 - but that gives 16 channels vs Tascam’s 24

Cheers for any help

Yes, l am using a Tascam 2400 with Cubase 8.5 Windows 10.
I love it. I also made a strip of Dry Erase tape to label the faders with dry erase markers. I actually use the 24 fader like the old days and quickly can locate the right fader and move it without cycling through an 8 fader console or using a mouse. If you get one, I will post how to set it up. There are no drivers needed to install. Its a shame they aren’t made anymore. I’m taking real good care of mine because there is nothing like it for the price

Hi blimpo

Thanks for the reply… got one!!!

Looks great - got a few issues — but I’m sure its because how ive set up… so some help would be great.

Ive set up 3 remote devices (Mackie Control, Mackie Control 2, Mackie Control 3) in device set up.

For Mackie Control ive set Midi Input and Midid Output to us-2400
For Mackie Control2 ive set Set midi Input and Midi output to MIDIIN2(us-2400)
For Mackie Control3 ive set midi input and midi output to MIDIIN3 (us-2400)

All are in compatibility mode not Cubase mode.

I wrote some fader automation on all 24 tracks of a test project (no midi or audio in it) … when I play back - the faders move up and down as per automation.

I thought great ive cracked it.

However when I then load up an existing project - song ive written - and try and control the Cubase virtual mixer by moving the faders on the Tascam us-2400 nothing happens.

I’m sure its something silly I’m doing — can you help

hello! I use one on win10 cubase 8.5 and no problem :slight_smile: there are 24X8banks = 192 tracks; all working without driver , it’s class compliant so no need driver! very good console :slight_smile: