Tascam 4x4 and 4 separate inputs

I am attaching a Tascam 4x4 audio interface to my computer and am using Cubase 10.5 Elements as my DAW.

My problem is that I had the expectation that each Line in from my Tascam could be its own isolated track within Cubase.

I have tried different ways of setting it up. If I choose “Mono” within the Tascam settings, then Line 1 and Line 2 both have the exact same signal.

If I set Line 1/2 as stereo, then in Cubase, the Line 1 audio track is recorded as a Left and Right channel in the same track.

What I want in Cubase is to be able to choose Line 1, Line 2, Line 3, and Line 4 as 4 separate audio tracks and have each one an isolated audio track. I have not yet been able to get Cubase to do this, however.

Does anyone know how I should set up Cubase to accept these 4 inputs as 4 separate tracks?

Hi and welcome on the forum,

Studio > Audio Connections > Inputs. Add 4 Mono Buses and choose Line 1, Line 2, Line 3, and Line 4 as the Device Ports.

Then Add 4 AudioMono Tracks. Set the Inputs to Mono In, Mono In 2, Mono In 3 and Mono In 4, please.

I have set that up now. I have a digital drumset plugged into Line 1 and a Bass plugged into line 2. And in my mixing driver for the Tascam I have all inputs set as Mono. Then I have created Mono buses.

However, when I play a note on my bass, I get a signal in BOTH of my mono buses instead of only the mono bus corresponding to the line my bass is plugged into.

On the other hand, if I create Mono buses for Line 3 and Line 4 and plug my drum and bass into those two busses, then I get separate signals for each instrument. So it appears that for Line 1&2, I am not able to isolate the signal.


Is there any Tascam Mix involved? Is there any internal routing on Tascam side?