Tascam US-122mkII

(I have attached a screen shot for these questions)

I have connected to my PC laptop with Vista a Tascam US-122mkII.
I am importing .wav files for instrumentals on stereo track 2, and recording vocals on microphones on the stereo track 1.
However, I cannot seem to be able to record on more than one track, whether it is a stereo or mono track! (first screen shot in first .jpg)
I am getting an input level (on the right of the playback/transport panel), but not on the left of it! (second screen shot)
I have tried adjust the VST audio system, I’m using the manual monitoring setting, and even noticed the “direct monitoring” option is not available (third screen shot in second .jpg)

I’m about to trash this thing and crap all over Steinberg Cubase’s name whenever possible! Please keep me from doing this! :blush: :imp: :smiling_imp: :unamused:
Steinberg US-122mkII trouble-2.jpg
Steinberg US-122mkII trouble-1.jpg


Your screenshots are too low resolution to be able to read them :frowning:.
If you are only seeing signal on one of the 2 bars in the transport bar I’m guessing you set up your 2 inputs as mono inputs instead of a single stereo input. Both work depending on what you want to do, but that would explain why you only see 1 bar.

Thank you, and how would you explain not being able to record on another stereo or mono track in Cubase Le5? I try using the stereo and mono track template; but I’m having to record all lyrics over only track one or two only.

Windows Vista and Tascam US-122mkII dont work well together as i have a laptop running Vista and Le5 with a US-122mkII.

Problems i have had are not recording vocals this was due to having a mic plugged into the left input and also having something plugged into the left line input at the same time.
Line input overides mic input.
Also for some reason Le5 would switch off inputs so none connected.
Also unless your mic is stereo it will only record on the left or right depending which input you plugged it into.
If your mic is mono then you need to create a mono track.
When recording vocals it is quite normal to have many tracks 10 or 20 if needed. Then keep the best bits out of each take and mute the rest.