Tascam US 144 and Cubase LE 4

Sorry for bad english since it’s not my native language.
I’ve just bought Tascam US-144MKII. I found that in order to use Tascam, I need software called Cubase LE4, yet I couldn’t find it anywhere. Is there anything i can do? Thanks

Actually you don’t need Cubase to use the Tascam at all. The LE versions of Cubase usually come bundled with hardware of some sort and are a very slimmed down version of Cubase - more as a promotion than something required to use the hardware.

On Tascam’s product page it looks like this has been discontinued for a long time. Also they are including LE version 4 and we are on version 11 now. I assume you bought this used - most likely the previous owner activated and used-up the license. But again Cubase isn’t required to make the hardware work. Although you will need the latest (still very old) drivers, and possibly some luck to get this working.

What do you intend to use the Tascam interface for?