Tascam US 2000 Line Input (9-14) question

I have the Tascam US 2000 (2.02 drivers) and CB LE5 Win7, works great on 1-8 (inputs with preamp). My drummer takes up 7 of the XLRs and the singer takes the 8th, the bassist an guitarist need to use the line input in the back but I can’t get them to work. I turned the inputs to mono and tried channels 9-14, which are adjustable -10 or +4 only, with a guitar amp line out, but there was no indicator led on the front of the Tascam and nothing was recorded. I looked at the Tascam manual pg 13 http://www.tascam.eu/en/docs/US-2000_Manual.pdf and it shows keys and drum machines plugged in, so I’m sure they can be used for instrument recording and not just effect loops.

I’m guessing I need a preamp/mixer in between the instrument and then Tascam to bring up the signal for the line inputs to work? I would plug the guitar into the mixer then use the line out from that mixer channel into the line input of the Tascam. If this is the case, could I get a recommendation on a 6-8 channel mixer to accomplish this.

Sorry if an easy question, just don’t want to break anything.


Thanks for the reply. I will look into preamps to bring the signal up. If I have any problems I’ll post back. I still think it is weird that the effect loop send from my amp (which should be at line level) isn’t enough to make signal register on the line inputs of the tascam.

As far as running 2 tascam units simultaneously, from what I have read more than one can’t be used at a time unlike some of the other interfaces. I’m not sure if it is due to being USB 2.0 or just doesn’t have the ability to sync built in.

Thanks for the additional information Steve. I will haul a keyboard over to practice on Wednesday to make sure everything is at least routed properly. After that is sorted, I will start work on the guitar and bass.

Hopefully the sound quality of the guitars are preserved when going into the line inputs.

As far as the lack of expansion on the Tascam, yeah it stinks. But this is my first entry into this world of recording interfaces and 16 inputs for $360, it still seems like a dream when compared to using a m-audio 2 channel interface borrowed from a friend. hehe. The PCI interfaces look like very nice options, unfortunately I have a laptop that doesn’t support Firewire (only USB 2.0).