Tascam US-800 Problem

I have installed the driver, Cubase LE5, and configured Cubase to have 6 mono inputs, a stereo out, and it seems to recognize the Tascam for each of these. But when I create a track and try to play audio, there is nothing registering on the meters in Cubase. I can hear the sound through the headpones from the Tascam, and the meters in the Tascam control panel show sound, so why isn’t the sound passing through to Cubase???

Further to this, it also seems that every time I close Cubase, I have to reconfigure the program to recognize all the tascam inputs. That is, when I re-open the program, all I see is one stereo input. Why is that happening?

Is the Tascam ASIO driver selected in Device Setup? Is there a knob that controls the signal to either computer or phones?

Yes. Everything appears to be configured properly.

I figured it out. One more setting that I did not check off on the VST set up page. Thanks everyone!

I am having exactly the same issue; can you say what the fix was you used on the VST setup?