Taskbar icon does not show recent projects

I have Cubase 12 pinned to the Windows 11 taskbar. It never lists recent projects. With previous versions of Cubase, recently used projects were always listed. I have tried resetting this feature in Windows but it did not fix the problem. Other applications list recent files as expected.

That’s how I open Projects too.

I think in order for a Project to be on that list it must have previously been opened from Windows (i.e. double+clicking the Project file). Also when you initially create a new Project in Cubase that will also get put on the list (I suspect because Cubase has to ask Windows the create the file). But using the internal Cubase recent files list doesn’t.

Unfortunately when Cubase gets updated to a new version the list gets wiped clean, so items need to be added again. This only used to happen for major updates like Cubase 10.5 to 11. But now it seems to happen on every update. Don’t know if that’s Steinberg’s or Microsoft’s fault.