Taylor 324ce with expression system 2 electronics and the UR28M

Connecting my Taylor acoustic to my UR28m: Hi-Z off sounds like crap / Hi-Z on sounds like crap although Hi-Z on sounds better than off. Can Someone tell me what it needs? Doesn’t the Hi-Z make it so you dont need a direct box??

With a buffered preamp (which is what is in your guitar) you can just plug into a line in on a recording interface (no hi Z needed), and reading about the pick up system in your guitar it reads as a pretty solid system. it is not a balanced output which means it should be plugged into the “guitar” input of your ur28m, input 1 or 2.
If it does not sound as you wish, perhaps it is because of how your guitar system is set up? What does it sound like into a PA? Into a frfr monitor? Into a regular guitar amp?
The UR28M will not alter the sound unless you (perhaps accidentally) put something on the channel strip in dspmixfx.

The 2 inputs for mic or guitar on my UR28M each have a button to turn Hi Z on or off.
The Manual says “When you turn this switch on, use an unbalanced phone cable for connection between the instruments and the MIC/LINE/HI-Z”
So shouldn’t the Hi Z be switched on for my taylor?

Well, it will work too, but HiZ means high impedance, like what you have out from an electric guitar. On your Taylor you have an on board preamp with low output impedance, therefore a “line” rather than an “instrument” output.

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