TC Fireworx Midi control from Cubase or Device Panel


Anyone know where to source or are currently using a TC ELectronics Fireworx eternal effect within Cubase. Im trying to control parameters visually in cubase. Whilst I have a midi channel setup in cubase and the unit is changing patches, I am not able to change to hight numbered patches. On the fireworx they are all in one bank (0-400 odd), with the programs in cubase only going to 128 I can not see a way to change to higher or user presets.

Also I would love to have a device panel or vst plugin control to control the Fireworx unit from within cubase as an external instrument or vst plugin.

I have checked out software such as Midi Quest but fireworx is not included, however, works for other older gear.

Any help and advice please as Im not overly technically minded but capable of some complexities.