TD12 Vdrums, EZ drummer and Cubase

Greetings, Dr. Powell here with a genuine headache. I have purchased and installed EZ Drummer for use with my Roland TD12 VDrums. My DAW is Cubase 6. Also have a Roland UM-One USB midi interface to connect the VDrums to my PC usb port. I am able to start a project with the VST EZ Drummer and know how to setup for all outputs and individual midi tracks so they can be seen in Cubase. Try as I may I cannot figure out how to record while playing the VDrums and using EZDrummer patches in Cubase. Because I cannot record a track I am unable to play it back through EZDrummer. My head hurts and I think I just saw Elvis Presley. Could someone please help me with this setup without making any assumptions regarding what I know? I’m at a complete loss here. If you could “walk” me through the setup I would be most greatful. Thank you so much.