td3 + cubase Elements 8 + groove agent SE + MIDI

sorry if this topic is already covered somewhere else, but I’ve spent hours on the internet and forums without being able find my answer :frowning:
also, I"m french so please excuse my poor English :wink:

here 's the problem I have:
I’m using cubase elements 8 and I have a roland TD3 drumkit.
I would like to use the sounds of drumkits from groove agent when I play / record my MIDI connected Drums.
so I create an midi instrument track, and assign groove agent se4 as the vst.
then I choose a soundkit, let’s say “brothers in need”. I can see the reprentation of a drum kit and when I click on the image or on the square pads, I can perfectly hear the sounds of all the toms , snare and cymbals perfectly.
then I sit at my drumkit, and start playing, and here’s the problem : when I click on the HH rim , the C1 pad lits and plays the KICK just as when I hit the kick pedal. so that means both kic pedal and HH rim are assigned to C1 pad.

It’s very frustrating as I don’t understand how to fix this

any help would be much apreciated

thank you very much for your help