Teacher discount and.scoreexchange compatibility


I see that you have students discount,
are you offering a teacher discount as weel?

Also I published more than 160 score onwww.scoreexchange.com with Sibelius
and would like to know if you plan to make it possible to publish on scoreexchange with dorico.

Thank you

Yes, there’s a teacher discount - it’s the same as the student discount.

Scoreexchange.com accepts either Sibelius files or PDFs. As far as I’m aware, there’s nothing to stop you from selling Dorico-produced PDF files through ScoreExchange, but Dorico will never be able to produce Sibelius files - the .sib format is proprietary.

Thank you for your super fast answer.

As for teacher discount what is the conditions?


I can’t find precise conditions, but I’m pretty sure you just go through this site: https://www.steinberg.net/en/shop/education.html
You may need to complete the linked PDF, and upload a scan of proof that you’re a teacher (such as a recent payslip from an educational establishment, or an employment contract).
The only restriction on the software itself is that you shouldn’t use it for commercial work. That said, at the point you pay for an update (to Dorico 3?) your licence will be converted to a regular licence anyway.

IIRC the original version of the “score exchange” site (with a different name - SibeliusMusic?) was Sibelius-only, and run by the Sibelius company. There was also a (non-technical) music discussion forum associated with it.

Eventually they both more or less died through lack of software maintenance. For example the original site used Sibelius Scorch for score display, but that became unsupported in some web browsers, and has now been superseded by Avid’s cloud-based file sharing software.

The original creators of the web site launched the current, independent, site and came to some arrangement with Avid to do a bulk import of scores and user profiles, etc, for the users who gave permission.

So if there are any technical or contractual issues with publishing Dorico scores on scoreexchange.com, I think you need to take them up with the scoreexchange admin.

There is no problem with publishing Dorico-authored scores on Score Exchange. At the moment you do, as Leo says, have to upload PDFs rather than native Dorico projects, but that may well change in the future.

Thank you very much ^.^
I’m amazed of all the great new functions are on Dorico 3
A Score Exchange compatibility or a similar service (Dorico to sell score service) would let me switch.

I believe you can already submit your Dorico projects to Score Exchange, provided you export them from Dorico as PDF files, which is easy to do from Print mode.