Team Please Confirm Note Dynamics Adjustment Is Working As Expected.


Could someone from the team please confirm that the adjustment options in: ‘Play > Playback Options > Dynamics > Note Dynamics’ are working as expected?

The following criteria is given in Dorico: “Setting these values to 1 will increase the dynamic of the note so that it is equal to the next dynamic intensity”. This doesn’t appear to be working in my scores. Consequently, values entered into the “Accent” and “Marcato” boxes also appear to be innacurate for me.

I did post before the weekend but had no luck with it, so trying again.


I did see your earlier post, but I’m afraid I didn’t quite understand it. Please note though that there a number of factors that dictate the final note velocity (or mod-wheel level in the case of a sustaining instrument). The position relative to the beat or start of the bar, the humanisation values, articulations, the prevailing dynamic level and the dynamic curve all have an effect. In future versions we intend to give the user much more control of the actual dynamic level on a per-note basis.

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Hello Paul,

Thanks for your reply, it’s much appreciated and I apologise for any confusion.

To try to clarify, having set the Dynamic curve to 3, then entering a value of 1 in the boxes for "Accent and “Marcato”, for example, the notes dynamics levels increase by mostly two levels instead of the one level increase mentioned in Dorico’s Playback Options window.

I just wanted to check that this is expected and if so then that’s great. It’s good that you have plans to add even more options in future versions and, in the meantime, these can always be adjusted in a DAW.

Thanks again for your help with this.

Hello Daniel,

Please accept my apologies and, being a moderator myself in other forums, I’m not usually in the habit of bumping or duplicating threads.

Best wishes.

As I said in my reply, there are several factors that effect the final dynamic level, and so that values you post are not unexpected.

I am confused, How do i edit the play velocities of individual notes for midi playback?
I am new please be patient. Is there a way to edit MIDI events such as note on Velocities, durations, sustain pedal?
I just dumped Sibelius as it is outdated. Love Dorico!!

Issue is I wrote a theme for a TV show I am working on, But the RH needs to play the melody more out front thus mf. but i want the LH to play pp-p
without putting dynamics all over the page. Its in the play menu but i can’t find any way to edit MIDI events.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Hello 3rdratecomposer,

At present as far as I know we can’t edit velocity of individual notes in Dorico. As Paul wrote in his reply there are plans to offer more control on a per-note basis. However, in the meantime, this can be done easily in a DAW (such as Cubase, Reaper etc) if you have one available.

At this stage Dorico doesn’t have a MIDI events editor although I believe it is in the plans for a future version. Presently, if I need a MIDI events editor, I export a MIDI file from Dorico and open this in a DAW. However, as you say we do have adjustments available in Dorico’s ‘Play’ menu ('Play tab > Play > Playback Options) where we presently have adjustments for Dynamics, Pedal Lines and Timing. Regarding velocity and dynamics, these adjustments can be applied to either velocity or a CC Controller (typically CC1 mod-wheel, or CC11 Expression) and these are set in the instruments Expression Maps.

Hope this goes some way to help.

Awesome! Thanks Can hardly wait for ability to click on notes in Play and edit velocity of parts.
Meanwhile you have taught me how to use CC11 in Dorico.
Thanks everyone!