Tearing my hair out - Small notes (without pitch above stave)

Good afternoon

I am creating an exam paper for students which includes a little bit of aural dictation. They get part of a melody line notated as normal with a blank bar or two with the rhythm of the missing notes in small notation above the stave. They then have to write in the missing notes according to the rhythm indicated. This is done by hand, not using Dorico.

I have turned my notes into CUE (size only - there’s only one stave so there is no other source to create ‘proper’ cues)
If I raise the pitch I have ledger lines, which I can’t get rid of. I read about rhythmic cues but this seems to apply only to actual cues, which I don’t have (see above).

I’ve been trying to do this for over an hour and I’m at a loss. It will break my heart to have to return to Sibelius but I know I can achieve this with it.

Any help much appreciated.

Paul RG

Go to Engrave Mode, select the notes, open the Properties Panel and tick the "Hide ledger lines’ switch.

Dear Craig

Thank you so much. I wish it would be in the write mode but it works!