technical background automation


I wanna ask you how automation work?

Is there a difference between + and - values?
Is there a difference between Cubase and VST automation?
are Notes Midi? (can they have own names? [drummaps{for example]?)

I want to use Automation for everything, now I found out that the QuickControls can control ANYTHING!!! but how i convert Midi to Automation decent?

TabSel show me how to make a endurable workaround, where you have just to reconect the MidiLoopBackPort(which controls the GR>QC of 16 dummy Midi Tracks saved as template) from the Midi-Tracks, and Midi2Automation works if you use another system to open it up…

and now i`m looking for tools to use in this workaround so i think we need 64Bit Midi-Plugins just like Env’s… Note to CC is unnecessary because it’s resolution, and automating Midi-Plugins is also not possible

Maybe there is a way to get a Program under Devices in Cubase, wich we can use for a workaround, but why i realy ask why is that i can give a reasonable feature Request that maybe Steinberg fix the missing link between “MIDIandAutomation” or better, make a own “Macro- o. QuickControl- o. Automation-Track-Type” which is available as NoteExpresseion source.

Is it possible to ask a plugin the name of a Note or a VST-Parameter?

This help? I just googled “Cubase automation” plus whatever I thought relevant. There’s probably more out there.

no, thank you!

the point is that i want to ask for a feature that for example: is a line, in the middle of the pan automation lanes,
or any other +/- automation…
and because the +/- anmount possibility for a macro-Quick-Automation-Track request in the german forum.
Is it like in midi where is a different control modes like “relativ and fix”? And a automation Parameter can give a Name, but a note to? are notes are convertable to automation?..

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