[Technical] Dorico3.5 Can't Start

When starting up Dorico3.5, the VSTAudioEngine3.exe keeps reading the same windows registry item “HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\MMDevices\Audio\Render{AudioDriverIdentifier}” and enters an infinite loop. I tried to disable all audio output and input device manually in windows control panel. Upon restart, these registry item are only read once, but after iterating through all of them VSTAudioEngine3.exe suspends (No file system operation & Registry operation & processor usage detected) and Dorico stays at the splashscreen and prompt “Audio engine timeout”. Windows restart and Dorico reinstallation were tried to fix the problem but were of no use.

Do you happen to have a Steinberg audio interface? If so, then please get from our website the latest Yamaha Steinberg USB audio driver.

If you have upgraded to eLicenser Control Center 6.12 on Windows, either by installing Dorico 3.5.10 or by installing eLCC 6.12 directly, you might be falling over an acknowledged issue on Windows that causes Dorico to hang at the splash screen on some systems. The work-round for now is to uninstall eLCC 6.12 and install 6.11. There is no need to downgrade Dorico - 3.5.10 works just fine with eLCC 6.11.

There is more on this issue here (click), including download links for eLCC 6.11.

My apologies if this is nothing to do with you issue - it’s Ulf you need to be listening to really. I just want to mention this here in case there is an easy fix for your problems.