Technical question about getting plug-ins information

Hi to all!

So close to what I’m searching for, I wonder if there would be a solution.

Mac user (and to be honest using now another DAW than Cubase), I have an old PC Cubase session. I really want to work again on that song.

I know the plug-ins that I used at the time, but I don’t know the precise sounds (among hundreds).

I could install a trial (Cubase LE AI Elements 9.5) and open the old session. I see the name of the plug-ins link to each track, but the link is not active when I open the session. I can activate that link (assign the right VST to a track), but after doing so, it behaves like I just opened a plug-in, and though, there’s no sign of the sound I was using on that precise track.

My question: is there a miraculous way to know which plug-in sounds I used on each tracks? That information must be somewhere in a file?

Thanks a lot!


The only idea I have is, the plug-ins were 32-bit and current Cubase is 64-bit and working with 64-bit plug-ins only. If this is the case, then you would need an older Cubase version, which was both (32- & 64-bit) and could handle 32-bit plug-ins. You can start older Cubase version(s) with the current license.

Cubase 8.0 was the last 32-bit version for Cubase Elements edition. For Cubase Artist and Pro it was Cubase 8.5.