Technical question about typing with Bravura Text

I need some time signatures in text, actually within Dorico. Looking at the bottom of I can see that by adding in the CombNumerator and CombDenominator control characters, I can persuade Dorico to automatically position the numerators above the denominators. So far, so good.

I see that if I type the unicode characters exactly as specified here

I get a correctly aligned 12/8, like so:

If I replace the final E088 with an E084 (in order to get a 12/4), I get this:

Is there anything I can do to persuade the four to centre correctly?

Unfortunately, there is no ligature in Bravura for the time signature of 12/4, which is why the denominator won’t center correctly.
You could create a font character yourself with a font editor, or you could perhaps create and use a graphic instead.

The thing that I find odd about that, Knut, is that 12/3 works.

I’m not going to wade through Bravura Text to see if there’s a specific ligature for 12/3, but I’d be somewhat surprised if there was…

I don’t think 12/3 really does work, it just happens to look a bit less bad than 12/4. As Knut says, the combinations that have special positioning are somewhat limited and certainly don’t cover every possible time signature. You might be better off positioning two separate text items for “uncommon” time signatures.

Eurgh. For speed I might resort to Opus Text - I’ve got about 30 of these to do today…

Thanks for the clarification.

Are you using chord symbols in this piece? If not, it’s pretty easy to create the time sigs as chord symbol suffixes, which would then give you the ability to position them exactly. I’m not sure how to hide the root though. Maybe switch the chord root to a font that doesn’t have that character or something.

Duh, you can just hide the root in the editor of course. Even if you are using chord symbols, you can just select chord symbols that you aren’t actually using in the piece.