Technical Question for Cubase Programmer

Dante is an emerging audio network protocol, allowing up to 64 channels on one Ethernet connector. Dante data is 32-bit-fixed PCM (ideal for Ethernet). Dante has a PC driver that pulls all the 32-bit audio from their Ethernet stream and packs it into an ASIO protocol.

1.) Is Cubase math 32-bit float or 64-bit float?

2.) Can Cubase accept 32-bit-fixed ASIO data without truncation?

3.) Can Cubase math process 32-fixed without truncation?

4.) Can Cubase save post-processed 32-bit-fix data in a lossless 32-bit-fixed file format (e.g., WAV64, etc.)

If the answer to any of these is “no” – what are the chances of getting Steinberg to add 32-bit integer support to Cubase? (Besides the Dante application, keep in mind, many of the newest converter ICs are now 32-fix-bits input and output.)

I’m well aware that we can’t achieve even 24 real bits of audio. I’m looking at the extra 8-bits for a slightly different reason, similar to the reasons that the ADC and DAC chip makers are now using 32-bit-fixed pipes. Please ping me offline to discuss this further.