Technique spacing problem

Every time I tried to move a technique text, the spacing above increased. See the attached figures:

Fig_1 - Prior to any changes
Fig_2 - After adding senza sord
Fig_3 - After moving the text to about 1 space above the key signature
Fig_4 - After moving the text again and then hitting cntrl-z twice to get back

With each change Dorico moved the staves further apart. Certainly not the effect that I wanted.

Follow up: It seems work OK with “mute off” but not OK with “senza sord.”

There are undoubtedly some problems with this kind of inter-staff collision avoidance, and we have a number of such issues on our backlog of bugs to fix as and when we can. You may well find that if you save, close and re-open your project, things are in a better state, but due to the problems that lurk in this area the staff spacing may not be stable as you continue to drag or nudge the playing techniques around.

Thanks Daniel but do note that this seems to only happen with the “senza sord.” text and not with other technique text. I have tried restarting and rebooting but I continue to see the same behavior. My solution was to simply replace the Italian with English. This works fine.