Techniques hierarchy

hi there – i’m trying to write two directions, “arco” and “sul pont.” for a violin that’s been plucking, but Dorico puts them in such order that
“sul pont.” is on top, and
“arco” is on the bottom.

You need to pick up a bow before you play “sul pont”, so logically “arco” should be on top… :slight_smile:
Is it possible to reverse the hierarchy of these, so that it says
sul pont.


thank you!

P.S. Bonus question - why is it that when i type in “Sul point.” into the techniques popover it draws the rarely-used Penderecki-era symbol (looks like a rotated parentheses) instead of the words “sul pont.”?

thank you again

Yes, see here:

Unfortunately two playing techniques ended up with the same popover entry assigned to them. I would recommend changing the popover entry for the symbol to be something different.

brilliant,. thank you!

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