techniques not switching in play correctly

Sorry if someone already asked this question but I couldn’t find anything on it. When I put an upbow marking or downbow marking in the music, the first instance shows up correctly in the play section. However, for each alternative bow change in the music, in play it always shows the same as the first one. For example, if I start with downbow with the next note as upbow, …in play, it says downbow, then downbow again. Similar thing happens when I start upbow then downbow in the music, … in play they both show up as upbow (and any additional bow changes also show up as upbow too, as well as other playmarks like detache, etc.). I do have expression maps set up for this so maybe something is wrong there?

The missing piece at the moment concerns mutual exclusion for playing techniques: ‘downbow’ should be mutually exclusive with ‘upbow’, but it’s not, so Dorico tries to add ‘upbow’ to ‘downbow’ and hence gets confused. The workaround for the time being is to add a ‘nat.’ playing technique between the two playing techniques you want to switch between. The other option is to create combinations of playing techniques in your expression map, but this will get pretty hair-raising pretty fast!

This is an area that needs quite a bit more development work to really get things working as they should. I’m sorry that it’s not there yet, and I hope the wait will not be too frustrating.

Great! Thanks, I see how that works. I think I have to put a fake note or something between notes I’m switching bowing between. Also, I am curious how to create combinations of playing techniques in expression maps. Do I have to do that with a text editor because I don’t readily see how to do that with the gui?

You can do it by Ctrl+clicking multiple playing techniques in the dialog that allows you to choose a new playing technique: the little read-out at the bottom of the dialog will show you the combination you’re creating.