Telepath Dream

Track 2 from the album Intimate. Enjoy.

Planant! But, I would have corrected the tuning of the (very nice) voice here and there in VariAudio, specially at 2:24.

Thank you for your thoughts. Appreciate the ears.


Hey Jonathan, are you already done, or are you still making modifications at this point? To me it sounds great, but are you looking for feedback before publishing, or have you already published? This is great stuff. It really hits me.

Hi Leon,
No, I’m well and truly done. As I have said on occasions, I’m not looking for perfecting the recording. I’ve done as much as my ears and patience can stand. There are flaws, there always will be. No, what I seek is simply an outlet for my writing, that others in the world might see and hear a creative mind at work. And, that they might appreciate what is being offered is a bonus.

You have always been an honest and true ear for my work. I am grateful for your support.

All the best


PS. Apart from my Bandcamp account, the album is being released, as is, on the usual digital platforms on the 26th of February. I turn 60 that day and I look forward to the rest of my life.

OK, my best wishes! I’m definitely looking forward to the formal album release. I will buy it. Love your stuff.

Thank you.

Good job Jonathan!

I really like the mood of this song as well as the other pieces you have already published. Of course, there are some imperfections in the vocal accuracy in some places, but it’s not dramatic either.

Appreciated, Rene.

Sorry, but I can only disagree with Rene_L. The voice comes first and its accuracy is primordial in a song. That’s what people mostly listen to. And the few weaknesses here (easily fixable) are all too obvious. The accuracy of the voice (regardless of its timbre, strength or type) must be impeccable.

Fair enough Joss, thank you for your input.

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