Telephone couplers..

Hello everyone,

I need to pick up a phone coupler for a project. The producer will be working remote (other side of the country) and the talent will be here in the studio. I have been doing a little research in how to connect a land line into the studio so the producer can listen and coach the talent and have found some here:

Has anyone had any experience with any thing like this? I don’t want a crazy expensive one nor a cheap one… just looking for something to get the job done.

I need 2-way communication in the phone connection.


We have been using the Sonifex HY-02 for the last two decades and are very pleased with it.
The units are discontinued, but you might look at the newer HY-03: HY-03 Telephone Hybrid


we used to use the sonifex stuff. when we bought audiotx (to replace our cdq primas) it allows us to use the codec for standard (g722) phone connections too. works great.

Thanks for the responses. I am in the U.S. and I can’t seem to find any u.S. retailers for those companies.

I am green with all this. figuring out the key things of considering which one to pick up… and of course, the approval for the work came today and they want to start Monday.

All right. I’ll have a coupler here tomorrow. This is what I picked up:

I am going to set it up over the weekend and perform some tests. Monday is day 1 with it.

Well, sessions were moved to this friday. I received the coupler and hooked it up and I have to say it is really aweful. I can’t imagine the how a producer will be able to coach the talent over the phone, so I setup a google voice account and have much better signal quality. I am most likely going to return the coupler and go this route using google voice. Besides having much better signal quality, it is free.

or use skype.

Skype was my suggestion to the production company but they wanted it to be over the phone, so I bought the coupler. The producer is still going to be coaching from his cell phone ut I will be broadcasting using google voice.


it reminds me of a high profile client we had years ago. he insisted that every radio or tv mix had to be approved by him even though he never attended sessions. we called him for approval one day for a very complex tv mix. he was standing on the apron right next to a boeing 737. unsurprisingly i could barely hear a thing he was saying.

after playing it twice his response was: “i’m not really hearing the bottom end”.


this would have to me been perfect if it did allow two way communication:


Hmmm interesting plugin.

Well, I created a routing scheme in nuendo with my Central Station to do the broadcast. I was able to record the producer, the talent and producer could hear and talk to each other and when I enabled talkback, they both could hear me and I had independent level control of everything.

I used a second computer (macbook) to do the broadcasting using an old Mbox mini to control the studio input and producer’s voice output into the session of the macbook.

Last night I had done calibration of everything using test tones to insure the producer would get a nice level from me without any distortion. She said it sounded great. Looks like I have a season of work for this series and they were talking about 2 other series, so hopefully I get a bunch of steady work.

:slight_smile: Nice… steady work is ALWAYS good :slight_smile: