Teleporting track selection

Hey there,
when using cubase 10.5, sometimes strange things will happen… one of the most annoying is the teleporting track selection. When i try to select a certain track in the project, cubase will “teleport” to another track for absolutely no reason (see in the video). Closing and reopening doesnt work, reinstalling doesnt work, deleting the track and creating a new one doesnt work. this can happen to any kind of track, if it is VST, audio or sampler. also, this aint a hardware problem and will happen without any midi controllers active. Anyone had this bug and got it fixed? its impossible, literally impossible to work like that…
video was to large for upload, here a Link:

This kind of mysterious behavior could be caused by something (typically an external controller) sending midi note messages that Cubase interprets as commands.

In your Studio Setup, do you have external hardware connected as Remote Devices like Mackie control or something else?

Maybe attach a screen capture of your Studio Setup window?


at that time, no controllers were connected. This problem will also appear on my Laptop, where there have never been any controllers connected. Im using the steinberg UR 22 mk2 as audio driver, yet again no midi connected.

The only scenario I can imagine causing this, is some sort of remote control data flying into Cubase, which could be

  • midi events, or
  • keystroke events

If it’s not from a hardware controller, it could be via software routing of midi data inside the system. Or something that automatically generates keyboard events.

For example:

  • do you have something like loopmidi installed?
  • or maybe something like the Bohm Midi translator
  • or something like AutoHotKey?
  • or an Elgato StreamDeck?
  • EDIT: or a mouse with software (like Logitech Options) that can send key commands from mouse actions?

Also it might still help if you attach a screen capture of your Studio Setup window.

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