Tell cubase that source WAV is already tempo-adjusted

Hi there,

my situation:
I have a project with many tempo changes in the tempo chart.
Now I have vocals as a WAV recorded (different software) to the exported instrumental which already includes the tempo changes.
When I now import the vocals in the Cubase project an have the “musical” embedding activated, the tempo changes in the tempo chart are applied once again to the vocals.
When I switch it off, the tempo changes from the WAV match the one from the project/instrumental.
However, when I make new tempo changes now, they are not reflected in the WAV track, it just stays the same of course.
How can I tell Cubase that the imported WAV already comprises the tempo changes, and that future changes in the project are applied to the WAV track, too?

Thank you

“Set definition from tempo”

Yeah, as said… Turn off musical mode for the WAV, then select the wav in the project window and select ‘Set Definition From Temp…’ (right mouse click on PC somewhere in the menu). This will automatically embed the tempo changes into the WAV and turn on Musical Mode for that wav. From then on it will follow the tempo. You should set the track to Musical Timebase too.

This is just such a great feature, yet many people don’t know it exists!!


Thanks to both of you.