Temp misalignment

Working on a project in Cubase Elements AI 10.5

1- recorded beat and chords directly from my Keyboard (Line in)
2- Added beats from Groove agents
3- Vocals were sent to me in different formats, I converted all to .WAV
4- Added some instruments tracks for background music, harmony etc…

The issue is, I needed to speed the tempo of the project and all went crazy!!!

  1. Audio tracks do not follow, they speed but not at same rate which causes them to be out of sync
  2. Line in track from Keyboard is not affected whatsoever with any speed I use.

Tried using the pool screen to change speed in proportion ==> no effect ( Picture attached)
also attaching sample project screen.

Read up on „musical mode“

And Musical Timebase - which is different than Musical Mode (although they are often confused)

Not with Cubase AI