temp usb plug

I hate taking my keys out of my sys (paranoia) but sometimes I’m away from the studio have a lap top and no aNuendo.
Is it possible to make a temp usb stick lasting only one or two days till you refresh via you main sys. This would be great for me and I’m Shure Travellers alike would benefit from it I

That would be handy and was often asked for, but was never offered.
Depending on what kind of work you want to do…
For the more basic jobs outside the Studio bought Cubase Elements 6 for roughly 90 Euro.
The basic functions are there and no learning curve if you know Nuendo.

Big K

Really its to work on the features i cant work on in the studio, but could allways find some time sitting round travelling etc and of course do some work, getting a light ver will allow me to work and hone some skills, but i thought it would be in there interest to have there sys doing as much as it can. ps bin with it since N2 and love it.

Any scheme to get a temporary 2nd license would be good for both, Customer/user and SB.
Dongle or software, pay per hour or day, create an account at SB and balance with paypal…

I have not seen any sign that this would be on any SB agenda, yet.
But, it could be a nice extra turnover for SB. A Dollar a day could bring them a couple of hundred thousand. I had booked at least a month during the last year…

Big K