Template and Files with Kontakt 5 don't load with Kontakt 6


I’m having an issue with Kontakt 6 and the previous Kontakt 5. I had a template and other working files setup with Kontakt 5.dll but I see the new Kontakt is just call Kontakt.dll so now when I try to open previous files it just shows as missing dll. Is there a way to fix is so that older files work with the new dll without going into every single track and changing the plugin?

Unless I have done something wrong.

Thanks for any help.

Looks like I’ll need to keep both Kontakt 5.dll and the newer Kontakt.dll

What a pain…

Is Kontakt 6 even worth the hassle or should I just stick with 5?

Yes, this is how Kontakt updates work in Windows. With Macs I understand its different.

Wow this is incredibly stupid way to do things by Native Instruments. Imagine if you have a Template of over 500 tracks and you want to change them to Kontakt 6!

Yeah I know. But there are some positives - there are some early libraries that aren’t loading in K5 for me. If it once worked in a template, it should always work no matter what NI do to new versions, so long as you keep the original one(s) installed.

All that said, it looks like NI are changing tack now. As you say, its now called Kontakt.dll not Kontakt 6, so looks like from here on it will overwrite the previous version.