Template Change: Need clarification of the "Green Bar"

Trying to convert all pages back to the default template but when I choose the “Insert Page Template Change” and select “Use Page Template”: Default, the green bar across the top of the page (in the thumb nails of all the pages) doesn’t go away as I would have expected, to show that it is now using the Default template. Even pages that were never changed from the Default Template receive a green bar if I “change” them to Default Template.

Is this to keep account of Template changes? And is there no way to remove the green bar once a change has been made, even if it is back to the Default Template?

Also is there a way to select all the page thumbnails with a single command? Right now I am selecting each one with the Command Key Down to select them all.

Don’t make a manual change, or you will indeed get a (green) bar.
Right click on the relevant page > Remove Page Template Changes.

(and in response to your edit: if you have multiple pages with page template changes, you don’t need to select all of them. Right-click any one page > Remove All Page Template Changes. Though if you do need to select all of them, click the first one and shift-click the last - it’s much quicker than Command-clicking them individually.)

Thank you so much, pianoleo. That solved both issues. Sorry, yes, green bar.

This is a general philosophy for Dorico. Any change will be considered an override. To revert something to default, you remove the previous change. For example, if you changed a barline to something other than the default, to revert back to default, you don’t change to a default barline, you delete the changed barline.


Thank you, Craig_F. That’s a good point, and one I think I’m beginning to understand. In this case, however, I just didn’t know how to revert to the default. I need to consider right-clicking for such things.

I see that someone corrected the title of this thread to “green” bar. I therefore corrected the text of the OP to match.

I did, when I saw the thread :wink:

BTW, in case anyone hasn’t seen it, this page in the manual does a good job of explaining what all the various override colors mean.


Thanks for doing that, MarcLarcher. I wan’t sure I should; in the interest of historical accuracy and so on…My next project is to learn my colors.

I did because I imagined a newcomer wondering what this green bar is about, and thought it would be easier to find this thread if the title is more accurate… In any case, it was done in a helpful mindset— this is the mindset I really want to be all the time when I’m here.

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And I appreciate you doing that, MarcLarcher, because I was concerned about the same thing. I never know whether I should correct an error if there are references to that error later in a thread.

Thanks for the reference, FredGUnn.

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It’s not the biggest deal in the world either way, John, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it :slight_smile:

Good to know. Thanks, Lillie_Harris.

Since we’re deep in the world of forum lacunae, John, when you refer to somebody’s screen name on the forum, if you preface it with an at sign, it will create a mention that will notify them of your reply. So instead of typing FredGUnn, type @FredGUnn, and that will produce @FredGUnn, and Todd will get notified.


I will do that from now on, Daniel. Thank you for calling that to my attention.