Template Folders

What are they for? When I start a new project and want to select a template, the entire list is shown and I don’t see a way to select, for example “2024 N13”, templates without seeing all the rest. Are the folders a step towards an upcoming better template dialog? Or am I missing something?

It would be nice to be able to organize these and keep the less often used ones out of sight.

I assume you’re talking about the folders in the hub…those (with the exception of the one at the far right) are project folders only, they won’t even show template files if they are in a folder they are pointing to.

I’m talking about that list of templates that I have circled - they are stored in folders, but the list doesn’t divide them and present them as folders, just a long list of every template in every folder. Why have folders to store them in if they show up as one big list?

Ah yeah, even in the other folders they display all contents even in subfolders. File listing here needs an overhaul.