Template help!

Hello all,

I have a question about a template and if there is a way to do this any faster, or if it has to be one by one or start over completely from scratch.

The template is for East West Hollywood Orchestra. It contains every instrument, grouped and labeled, with expression maps and everything, so it’s actually awesome! Now here is the problem, the entire template was created using instrument tracks, not MIDI tracks. MIDI tracks are only used for each new category, so for example you will have the category of “1st violins long” as a MIDI track, then 17 instrument tracks underneath with all the different articulations of 1st violins long. Then the next MIDI track is “1st violins short” followed by 15 instrument tracks of different articulations, and so on and so forth, until the whole library is complete.

Now this isn’t so bad, right? Well, as it turns out every single instrument track has an instance of East West Play VST, so literally 1000+ instances in the template! I don’t want to do that, as I have Vienna Ensemble Pro and a slave PC, so I tried inserting the VE Pro plugin on the instrument tracks, and as it turns out you can only have one instance per instrument track, so that’s not ideal either. When I tried putting the VE Pro plugin on a MIDI track, it turns out the instrument tracks can’t be routed to the same instance of VE Pro, even on a different MIDI channel.

Hope what I described makes sense, but anyways it looks like I’m facing the prospect of having to rebuild the entire template from scratch, but using all MIDI tracks this time instead of instrument tracks. However, someone suggested that I could export the template as an XML file, then reimport it as all MIDI tracks and all the names/labels would still be there. Does anyone know anything about this? Would the expression maps still be there? Sorry about the long post, but I’m kind of stuck thanks!


I don’t think it’s possible to do it an easy way, sorry.

The XML you are talking about, is not probably the Track Archive. So the way would be to export your current project as Track Archive. Then create a new project with the same count (and structure) of MIDI tracks (just don’t name them). Export this new file as Track Archive. And then use a script to read the original Track Archive with the Instrument tracks and overwrite the track names in the new Track Archive.

The last step would be to create an Empty project and import the new Track Archive and all tracks from it to this new project, which would be your template project (Save as Template).

Wow, that’s gonna be a huge amount of work :woman_facepalming:t4: but I really really appreciate your reply and information :blush:! Thank you