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4+2 and that’s it?

My round Templates just won’t fit very well into the above square category holes.
Sometimes a few years ago I used to try different solutions but it always ended in a mess so I stopped.
Which means I’m stuck in a status quo, and … that’s it …

I’d like to have the Template Category set and edited by the user.
And not these gigantic icons taking up space for no reason like some kindergarten program, please. :laughing:
Just normal size dialog box where we manage our templ …

YEAH! A real Template Manager in Cubase 9 that Steinberg can make a 4.5min video with product propaganda! :smiley:

I support your idea, but the whole idea of ‘Templates’ needs re-thinking. I’d like them expanded to be like what ‘templates’ are in MS Word or Adobe Creative Suite… basically ‘master pages’ which can be used to update ALL your songs as you develop a workflow.

Please see my reply here: http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=228&t=88283

Eg. in Adobe InDesign, there is the concept of ‘Master Pages’ where changing anything on the master page syncs/updates all component pages. Templates should be able to work like that. As I develop better ways of working, I should be able to apply the benefits AUTOMATICALLY to all CPRs that use that template without having to (painfully) try to edit each CPR individually so they all conform to the new standard. In MS Word, you have .DOT files. Update the DOT file and presto-changeo, all docs that use that DOT are magically updated.

Eg. I do orchestral scoring. I might have 10 ‘songs’ that all use the same template. If I decide to change the ordering of tracks or the colours or a particular master track chain or -whatever- to all 10 I have to edit each song to conform to the new standard. WHAT A PAIN! There should be a more automatic way to ensure that all CPRs which are part of a mega-project are in sync. OR… if I decide to stop using NI B4 because I like VB3 better, I should be able to update my template and: Eh Viola… all 10 songs now use the new plug… and since they use basically the same automation, similar automation parameters should carry over as well.

Now -that- would be a Template Manager.

Of course, C9 is probably already in the can… and even if it wasn’t I still feel silly for ever suggesting -anything- anymore. But WTF.


Someone should write a feature reeee … never mind! :blush:

I’ve tried Track Archives with plugins and settings but no audio or MIDI as “partial templates” but it gets messy-

To have “master pages” and being able to change setups remotely would be very useful.
You have to have some means to lock things though so only Templates and/or Projects that are not locked get changed or you’d be in for some nasty surprises.
It could even make the whole plan impossible???
Still worth a try though :smiley:

If they do this I hope Steinberg don’t implement this the same way they did MediaBay. First almost broken leading to everybody hating it and then later they fixed it over several versions …

+1 for the OPs request.

+10000 for suntower’s additional funtionality

Since suntower’s won’t ever happen, I change my vote to +2 for the OPs request. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

Both Word DOTs and Adobe Templates have the whole ‘update’ process nicely worked out. You can specify whether ‘syncing’ happens automatically or on a case by case basis when you open a document that uses the template. DP and PT already have -some- aspects of this.

IOW: that problem was solved 15 years ago across any number of document, software, publishing, video apps. It’s not rocket science. It all goes under the auspice of VERSION CONTROL.

The reason it hasn’t happened in DAWs is what I call ‘engineer mentality’. Most people =still= think of music projects as being Mixer/Tape and not as ‘digital documents’. When yer done with a traditional music project, yer done. If you need to revisit it? The best you can usually do is (maybe) work with the stems you saved (you did save the stems, didn’t you?). Music apps aren’t yet thinking like ‘documents’ where one -expects- to re-open a doc from 10 years ago and re-purpose the content… as it COMMON in software dev/video/copy editing/publishing.

Cubase needs to think of CPRs just like any other software development project. Once you do that? The ‘how to’ becomes clear.

Good enough!