Template osx monterey

Hi, I have problems with making templates and showing them in the start window. I made one, and it shows up, when I make a second or third, its not showing up in that same window (“more” window). Anyone experienced same issue ? Any one a solution for this ? btw, in the finder I see the different templates in the correct map.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Could you please attach a screenshot(s)?

done! thanks for the reply


Did you save the other projects by using File > Save as Template, please? Didn’t you put the other template to one of the other Project category?

yes I did save with “save as template”. You can see they are even in the save as window


In the Attribute Inspector, I can see the Template Category: Recording. So you will see this template in the Recording category in the Steinberg Hub.

Yes indeed! my fault! thanks for your help ! appreciate this!