Template Presets Not Saving Bug (Mac Issue)

I know this has been mentioned elsewhere, but the instructions how to work around this issue are only for PC.

The answer is apparently to delete your template presets, but I have no idea where the template presets are on the Mac. I’ve had a good poke around and can’t find them anywhere.

Anyone know the file path?



The fix was rather to change a patch / value in the default.xml file which points to C5 in stead of C6. Don’t you have that on MAC?

perhaps I do, but I don’t know where the Cubase files are in the Mac. You’d think ‘Finder’ would find it, but it doesn’t.

sometimes i almost miss the old days with dirty PCs


Anyone know the Mac file path for Cubase installation files? Once I’ve got that pesky xml file i’ll try doing the change.

Until then it won’t kill me to save a template as a cpr file…

user/Library/Prefrences/Cubase 5/Default.xml